Web Development as a pleasure

Hi, I'm Milos Ristic, 28 years old Web Developer from Nis, Serbia. I'm working as a front-end engineer at enjoy.ing. I like to work with WordPress, React, React Native, Node, Express, etc. :)

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Parts of Web Development I really like!

01. Front-end

My first love is front-end part of any site, for sure. I like to play a lot with JS/CSS to achieve some great effects.

02. WordPress

Web Development is nothing without back-end part. I learnt a lot about WordPress development at all - how to create premium themes, plugins and add many features to WordPress site.

03. React / React Native / Express

This is my newest passion. I'm creating many cool stuffs for Web Apps using React. Also, for server purposes, I'm using Express, and React Native for mobile apps development.

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